midwifery care


Prenatal Care

During visits we discuss the:

  • Changes that occur in a woman's body during pregnancy
  • Nutritional needs of pregnant mothers
  • Options regarding screening and testing
  • Growth and development of babies
  • Importance of exercise
  • Options for relieving common discomforts
  • Resources available to families when questions arise


Maternity Care Provided by Midwives

During labor and birth we:

  • Work to honor the family's birthing choices
  • Share assessment information regarding the mother and baby's well-being
  • Provide labor support to the mother, as desired
  • Care for the mother and the new baby as they transition after the birth


Post-Partum Care

During this time we:

  • Support mothers as they begin breastfeeding, as needed
  • Provide assessments regarding the mother and baby’s well-being
  • Perform the newborn exam, including APGARs, weight, length, etc.